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The Shampoo and Conditioner RANT

My day off again today and I decided first thing to tidy the bathroom, it’s a right state with bottles everywhere, plus quite a few little yellow packages from Lush as all the family have taken to bathbombs in a … Continue reading

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Death of a friend

Halfway through my last, very silly, blog I received a phone call saying that a very old, but still young, friend has died. It didn’t seem right to carry on with the stupid joke blog so I just stopped, but … Continue reading

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Great T Shirt slogans

I spent a happy five minutes looking in a t-shirt printing shop at all the slogans yesterday. Here are some of my favourites: Grandparents – so easy even a small child can operate them. A balanced diet is a chocoate in … Continue reading

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Day off

I finally have a day off and I’ve spent it fighting a migraine. It seems any time I spend at home I suffer with a headache (sadly rarely a hangover). Maybe it is stress, there was an article in the news … Continue reading

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Sharp Pencils

Reading a recent ‘freshly pressed’ post about notebooks I finally recognised my obsession is not with notebooks in particular, but stationery in general. Whenever I see a colleague with a fancy binder or posh pen I suffer serious stationery envy, … Continue reading


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I love beads. I can’t resist buying them even though I never get time to create the jewellery that pops into my head when I look at them in the shop. Two weeks later I can never remember the vision … Continue reading

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Book drop land

I opened the door to the book drop recently and it was quite full with books returned overnight. I put my hand in the dark space and felt something cold and squidgy. Someone had posted a used condom. Now THAT … Continue reading

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Library Land

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