Library Land

I work in a library. When meeting new people they often ask what I do for a living as a conversation starter, I hate that.  When I tell them they always say…

1. ‘That sounds interesting’ – it is, honestly

2. ‘I’ve always wanted a nice little job like that’ – it is not how you imagine, clearly.

3. ‘Don’t you get bored’ – no, chance would be  a fine thing.

4. ‘I bet you get to read a lot of books’ – no, don’t get time.

I always want to say University Professor or Artist partly because it seems a shame to enlighten them, but mostly because they’d think I’m more interesting. Actually it’s extremely hard work and completely varied. By hard I don’t mean ‘chain gang’ hard. Just that you never have a dull moment and are always on the go. You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll deal with.

Recently we’ve dealt with customers using drugs on the premises, crying in the lending area, fainting (also in the lending area), having arguments with each other, smoking in the toilets (setting off the fire alarm so we had to evacuate), urinating in the letterbox/book drop bin, threatening to smash my face in (no, really I wasn’t doing anything!), threatening to smash my colleagues face in (nor was she), gas leaks (evacuating again)  and now someone’s stolen the soap dispenser.

Don’t let any of this put you off coming in. I wouldn’t change my job for the world, we also do deal with the usual library stuff and 99.9% of our customers are truely wonderful. I’d recommend it to anyone – well if we weren’t currently facing redundancy anyway. Library work is fantastic. And it is not boring.

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