Sharp Pencils

Reading a recent ‘freshly pressed’ post about notebooks I finally recognised my obsession is not with notebooks in particular, but stationery in general. Whenever I see a colleague with a fancy binder or posh pen I suffer serious stationery envy, to the degree where I need to go out and get some myself. It then often remains unused as I can never bring myself to despoil it and I never have anything important enough to use such lovely stationery for.

Pencils however are a different matter entirely. I love writing with a really sharp pencil, especially a soft dark one. I love sharpening them too. Do you remember the joy of being pencil monitor when you were little and you got to sharpen all the teachers pencils. Heaven.

On a recent holiday to Florence (RECOMMENDED) I saw swarovski tipped pencils which I loved and had to buy. The problem was I had to buy them for everyone, as I KNEW everyone would love them. I ended up keeping them for myself, except for the ones I bought my children. I then spent the next few days praying they wouldn’t take them with them when they went back to University. Selfish huh? Thank God, they left them behind – I suspect they knew and decided it was better to leave the pencils with the Weirdo. But writing just feels so nice with a sharp, sharp pencil. I know I must soon face the day when they leave home properly and take their pencils with them.

I’ve photographed the pencils. You want them too now don’t you.

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8 Responses to Sharp Pencils

  1. Bryony Mountfort says:

    I don’t remember these pencils! But rest assured I will take them with me in July 🙂

  2. …. just wondering … have you still got them all, after all this time? (laughing to self here because I recognised myself in the description. I thought it was just me who was a weirdo!)

    • e1aine says:

      Yup, well most of them anyway. Every now and then one of the ones I love ‘lend’ me a pencil they’ve nicked off me. They know it’s not theirs too.

      Bryony has inherited this stationery obsession too.

    • e1aine says:

      Just looked back at my photo. I only had six. 6!

      They must have bred because I have a huge pot of them now – and matching pens.

      • Oh Lord! They’re BREEDING!!! Oooo.. lots of crystal babies running around making doodles on paper. (ok.. I’m laughing at my own jokes now. My one brain cell has obviously developed a crack. Meds time. (or is it perhaps gin and tonic time, I wonder.) 😀

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