I’ve just had my letter advising me that my job is to be made redundant in the next few months and listing the jobs replacing all our current posts, which I can apply for. Loads of people facing redundancy and very, very few new posts replacing them. Miserable! Not unexpected, but miserable.

Tempting to rant about the government (my job is in the public sector, though this crisis is affecting jobs across the board) or bankers, but probably not constructive, as many more eloquent bloggers than I will comment on that.

My colleagues are all facing the same situation now, or are waiting for their letter to come through the post and I can imagine so many other households across the country facing it too, many of them desperately reliant on the wage. Whatever is going to happen in the next year is going to hurt a lot of people.

My heartfelt sympathies with all of you who are facing this, it is going to be bitter, but you are not alone. I know that doesn’t help much. The feeling of helplessness is awful and being pitted against your friends and colleagues if you have to reapply for a handful of jobs, so dreadful. If you have a handful of jobs to reapply for, some don’t even have that option. Many of my colleagues will be ‘looked at’ in the next wave of redundancies and I think this is just as bad for them, they are left waiting and feeling bad for us, trying not to say the wrong thing.

Planning for the future, which we all do constantly without even realising it, is impossible. Even booking a holiday – do I need to book? Does that look too confident? Will I have the money to go?

People unaware of the situation are sending me meeting requests and asking me to book in their displays, meeting room bookings etc. I’m just booking away, no point in being pessimistic and life goes on, it just may not be me they will be meeting – and we may have to reschedule, because those left will be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. Do I even want to face that chaos?

Yes, of course I do. Because at the end of the day I can’t face going without a fight. Please fight on if you are in the same boat. If you are made redundant, apply for everything. Join clubs (many are free, sadly that may make more of difference than before), try to make it an opportunity for a change. Don’t get depressed, battle on.

The really stupid thing is, I’m irritated to be (probably) made redundant just before winter.


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3 Responses to Redundancy

  1. Thanks for commenting on my post. So sorry it’s happening to you too. Go for it while you are still there. What have you got to lose? So fight on. If it was anything like my experience. Expect it to be emotionally draining. Either you will have a job or a break to recover! Good luck. Best wishes and keep in touch!!

  2. mhhadfield says:

    Don’t worry we only get shitty crappy presents anyway remember 🙂

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