Buying a camera

One of those early photos







I am facing redundancy and have had a look for other bloggers dealing with the same issues. I came across Helloitsgemma ( this way and keep checking back because I like the way she thinks. I also like the Sofa Cinema and might have to start my own version.

Anyway, reading a post, wondering if she had made a good decision regarding putting family life before money – worth reading by the way – reminded me of my rather less life changing decision to buy a really expensive camera. This was quite a long time ago as I am quite old, but digital cameras were becoming popular and I really REALLY wanted one. Not being a high earner, I work for libraries after all, and having two children to support we couldn’t really afford this super duper new fangled device, so I nagged my husband to shell out for it. He said no. I went on and on and he kept saying that in a years time they will be much cheaper and higher spec. so I could wait.

This was the logical answer and my husband is very logical, but one day with a hormonal whine I told him that I didn’t want the camera next year. Next year I won’t have a baby to photograph, next year I will have an 18 month old toddler and whilst he will still be lovely I will have missed a whole year of photos. My lovely husband bought the camera the same afternoon.

This is all irrelevant to life changing decisions but sometimes you have to make the most of what you’ve got and time is a precious thing so make the most of it, particularly with those little ones. I have spent a lot of my son’s life working full time and this has been a good decision due to circumstances, but I won’t pretend to not have missed things. Thank goodness for the camera.

Sometimes the decision to put home life first is difficult, but I suspect, rarely the wrong one. If I get made redundant, which is very likely, I might gain more than I lose.

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3 Responses to Buying a camera

  1. hi, thank you for the mention, that’s very kind.
    I like this post, very true – sometimes you do… hope all goes OK with you.
    Give me a shout if you need any moral support am on twitter @helloitsgemma or on the blog or you can find me a BritsMums.

  2. Bryony Mountfort says:

    Nooo take the photo dooown!! Haha, you never made the wrong choice. I vaguely recall saying a few years ago (to your face) that I missed having you around and free at the weekends to go and do things like we used to, but in the circumstances like you say, you never made a mistake and took us out as often as you could. I know this comment is a bit late now, but in the face of the redundancy I still love you just as much as I would have if you had been at home every day 🙂 Xx

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