Intriguing mystery, worthy of a novel!

Mysterious paper sculptures

Amazing sculptures made from books have been found all over Edinburgh, crafted by a very talented artist who appears to be making a poetic statement to support libraries, the filmhouse and the storytelling centre. The mystery is that these sculptures have been left anonymously with a note addressed to the twitter address of the location. The full story is fascinating and well worth a read, check out the following link.

The mystery art and literature supporter appears to be a keen fan of Ian Rankin who’s name crops up a few times throughout the work; and on one occasion he appears as a character sitting in the cinema audience. Fantastic! This may well turn out to be a promotional stunt by an artist whose identity will be revealed at a later date, but it is still a fantastic way to highlight the challenges that our libraries and community spaces are facing and show support to the staff who are trying to keep our public services up to a high standard whilst dealing with budget cuts, staffing restructures and redundancies.

Thank you very much mystery artist for beautiful works of art and even better, an intriguing mystery.

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2 Responses to Intriguing mystery, worthy of a novel!

  1. megtraveling says:

    Great post. It shows how versatile books really are!

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