Night at the (British) Museum

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Wow, what a cool night that was!

My son was invited to The British Museum for a sleepover at the weekend and we couldn’t wait. Well until we both got cold feet setting off anyway, suddenly sleeping in a museum with real mummies didn’t seem like such a good idea.

Anyway, despite our trepidation, we arrived at the specified time, lugging sleeping bags and snacks and got in the big queue with all the other parents and children waiting for a bit of an adventure.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a roughty toughty ‘camping’ sort of person at all. Alas, I’m not the sort to go into graveyards at midnight just for the thrill. So I am probably not the ideal sort of person to spend the night in a museum! However, this was so damn exciting and frankly, so well organised, that I had the time of my life. People were taking pictures and the – very friendly – helpers didn’t seem to mind so I took a few snaps too. Not great as they were on my mobile phone, but a nice souvenir.

You may have realised by now that the event wasn’t aimed at me but my equally ‘prefers a comfortable bed’ son. Believe me, he enjoyed it too. He rated it 9 out of 10 (because they don’t have playstations, would you believe – he wouldn’t have had time to even turn one on).

On arrival we were shown to our sleeping areas and told to bed down where we liked in the Egyptian sculpture gallery. We chose underneath a couple of sarcophagu(ses)(i) (how do you spell that?), but had to move as they were attached to the wall and Sonny-Jim was concerned that they might fall off in the night – not that they once housed dead people, in fact the whole ‘dead people’ thing didn’t occur to him once (to my suprise).

Then we were taken to our first workshop and it was fun. In total we did four workshops with a break for late night snacks and a cup of tea for me. The first was an art project and we cut and glued like a couple of Blue Peter presenters. We also got to make jewellery (my favourite, but you may have noticed a theme there), and had storytelling and music sessions. Bedtime at midnight and in what seemed like a wink, up for breakfast in the morning.

After breakfast we got to go to the special exhibition before the museum opened. This was great as we missed the usual crowds and I could actually read the item descriptions for once.

If anyone fancies doing this I’d thoroughly recommend it. It is a perk for the junior members of the museum and there is a cost involved which, by the time you’ve factored in train fares to get down to London, snacks and souvenirs, isn’t cheap.  I found it totally worth it.

Finally I bought some more crystal tipped pencils (see stationery blog) and we left to find that whilst we had been tucked up, a thick blanket of snow had covered London. Magical!

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3 Responses to Night at the (British) Museum

  1. megtraveling says:

    It sounds like a fantastic experience! I may have to do this the next time I’m there. And the snow was a perfect touch…

  2. e1aine says:

    I’m sure you’d love it, though you have adventures all the time! The snow is going now, though I can probably assure you of rain.

    I am so looking forward to reading about your next trip. I’m hoping to go to Italy later in the year – maybe September.

  3. mhhadfield says:

    I’m mixed between jealous of the free roam over priceless ancient artifacts and activities, and apologetic for you having to do it surrounded by 12 year olds.
    However it does sound like a fun venture (even if a little cold). Might not have chosen under the sarcophagi (although sarcophaguses is correct too according to all knowing wikipedia)

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