Yearning for a shed of my own

Well, I’ve been yearning for a space of my own really, but it’s the same(ish)  thing.

It’s  a ‘girl shed’.

Last summer I lost the plot a bit and started ranting around the house, about being fort(cough)ish years old and still not having ‘my own space’. This is a bit rich really as the girls have shared a bedroom for many years, but they chose to. Well, I suppose I chose to too, but like I said, I’d lost the plot.

After much ranting (ignored by my husband and children, except Mez who isn’t related to us by blood and therefore doesn’t have the genetic thick skin) my husband offered me a bit of his shed.

He’s been planning to build this shed for years and use it as his office. The plans got more and more elaborate until the shed became an attractive (and huge) cabin. After my yelling session he said he would split the shed with me 50/50, Cool, that made a space of my own that was worth having!

Upon buying and building the shed he changed his mind. He decided to give me more than half. Amazing, and a bit out of character too. The shed is now built. It has a huge cinema screen, (but I don’t keep the projector or anything ‘nickable’ in there – I’m not very stupid), sofa, rug and all my jewellery-making clat – heaven.

I stressed that I wasn’t planning to be reasonable about sharing my space, but my husband keeps sneaking off into my ‘girl shed’ all the time. I have to throw him out to watch my films! Which proves, finally, after 26 years of marriage that there is nothing wrong with my decorating skills, he is just a control freak.

If the world is crowding in on you and you never get a chance to sneak off for some peace and quiet, take a tip from the boys, build a shed. Just don’t keep the lawnmower in there.

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10 Responses to Yearning for a shed of my own

  1. megtraveling says:

    Good information and advice! Your new space looks really nice. I hope you enjoy it… 🙂

  2. mhhadfield says:

    We love the shed! (even if I took some stress out on your plug sockets unbeknownst) It looks even cuter in the snow, but I imagine a bit damp inside when you make it there.

  3. mhhadfield says:

    I meant from your feeties taking snow in 🙂 are all your beads migrating to there?

  4. e1aine says:

    They have migrated. I’m really busy with beads. I shall blog and show you.

  5. I want a shed now! What a great idea to have a place of your own that you can escape to. Will you post pictures of the inside later on?

  6. e1aine says:

    Oohh yes. I shall blog an inside picture of my shed. I was tempted to, but wasn’t sure anyone would be interested, so you’ve made my day by asking!

  7. If I had a shed it would be my writer’s retreat, and the perfect spiritual haven from which to read Tarot and study the Occult. Ah, bliss! Your place looks lovely, enjoy it.

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