Visit to a castle

We have a fantastic castle close by, which we never take much notice of as it is a) nearby and b) now a school. To make us take it even more for granted, it is my husbands old school, so he associates it with the smell of socks (it was a boy’s school in his day) and miserable lessons.

However, they had an open day at the weekend and we set off to try to appreciate it in all its historical value. Unfortunately I forgot my camera (again) and had to use my phone for the following pictures – but you get the idea!

The salon

Image   Image

The ceiling was my favourite bit, it had lovely corner illustrations

.     Image ImageImage   Image

The White Hall was lovely.


The chapel was very nice.Image

But the staircase was my favourite, –  sadly my photo doesn’t do it justice.




The staircase ceiling


…and the inner courtyard.


An interesting fact about this courtyard, the steps are not in the middle, look at the brickwork between the windows, a very clever architect has spaced the windows to create the optical illusion of symmetry. I’d never have noticed if a wonderful guide hadn’t pointed it out to me.

Finally a few more lovely views.

Image   Image

Image   Image


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5 Responses to Visit to a castle

  1. wow. exquisite.

    have you been watching downton abbey? that makes me want to move to a castle or manor or abbey. so fancy and breathtaking!

  2. Sartenada says:

    Incredible beautiful castle! So this is close by You – fantastic.

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