New design dilema – expert on the case!

Check out one of my favourite blogs  if you are interested in interior design. I love it, sadly I don’t have the gene for it. Everyone says colour co-ordination is the same for rooms as it is for jewellery. Still can’t do it.

Anyway, I’m working on updating my living room and bored of brown I’ve bought two big teal sofas. They are very, very bright, but now I’ve reached a stalemate. Kearney is going to try to find some pictures to give me some ideas, so here is my living room in all its ‘glory’.

I’m such a liar. This is the local castle.

This is it…

My friend has covered the footstool with a lucky find of fabric to match the sofas and I need to paint the lilac bits – accent colours from previous brown colour scheme.

By the way, this is half the living room as it is two rooms made into one from the days it was a pub. It is thought to be about 16th Century, but the end of the room I didn’t show is a mess of brown and cream – horribly dark as the windows aren’t big and they are north facing. Its a long ‘skinny room’.

Suggestions welcome from all! Any hope?

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