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The Giant Room by thatdudeeddie, reviewed

The Giant Room Footstep, footstep on the dissolving floor. Where is my home? Tangled beneath the tangible jungles of ambiance. “Boo,” says the ghost, “who,” asks the lonely girl on the swing who’s hair is caged by the ashes of distraught demons. Weird. Or rather, … Continue reading

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Please help my daughter get a degree – University has cost me a fortune!

Hi Everyone I hope the title caught your attention and you can spare a really tiny bit of time to fill in this survey for the lovely Bryony. Hopefully if she gets enough responses she will get that degree, earn … Continue reading

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Those were the days my friend

As I’ve been a bit lazy this week, I thought I’d post some things I’ve made in the past, long before this blog was thought of. Most of them I still like.

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Originally posted on mhhadfield:
I love this so much!  I had to share this with everyone! The twitter one is my favourite

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Making puffy boxes

Hi Everyone I’ve been a bit lazy busy this week and haven’t had much opportunity to post what I’ve been up to, so sorry if you’ve missed me (though I suspect you haven’t, everyone’s got busy lives). To be truthful … Continue reading

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My vocabulary is as good as, like, whatever.

Why has the word ‘like’ become inserted into sentences where no word is needed. On a recent holiday to Devon (yes I’m a bit predictable, we go there a lot) I queued with some lovely young girls, quite posh, who had … Continue reading

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My Husband writes poetry and started to post it, but could never get round to posting his new stuff, so I’ve been sticking it on my blog instead. This latest one has caused much debate/conversation/argument, as generally  I disagree. That’s … Continue reading

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Thin, weak, fragile nails? Beauty recommendation coming up.

I have spent my adult life desiring long elegant nails. Sadly mine are thin, weak and brittle, which is odd because I have really strong hair and I thought they would be linked? I’ve tried pretty much every product under … Continue reading

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Beads glorious beads

I’ve been so sick this weekend that I didn’t make a thing. Started feeling bad on Wednesday night and by Thursday night I’d already warned my colleagues that I was unlikely to be in work on Friday. Finally got out … Continue reading

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