Thin, weak, fragile nails? Beauty recommendation coming up.

I have spent my adult life desiring long elegant nails. Sadly mine are thin, weak and brittle, which is odd because I have really strong hair and I thought they would be linked? I’ve tried pretty much every product under the sun, none have ever worked.

Anyhow, as soon as my nails reach a few mm long they start to break and flake at the sides and there is no saving them, I have to cut them off, or chew them off more usually. Not elegant I’m afraid. In the spring they do have a quick burst of growth,but break at exactly the same point, always. Every year I do my utmost to make it last but they never survive longer than a week once I notice they’ve had their growth spurt.

Until this year…

I’m so excited I had to photo them. Then I saw how my hands look and vanity modesty made me make the photo black and white and heavily cropped. Sorry, if anyone really wants to see my nails I’ll send you the photo privately, but no spreading it around the internet, you hear!

‘What caused this miracle’ I imagine you shout. Well, actually I did try a new beauty aid this year, with little genuine hope of success, but I think I might have found something that actually works!

I’m going to leave this post in draft for a few days in case my nails fall apart as soon as I’ve written it, but a mavala nail sheild appears to have succeeded where no hardener, strengthener, preparation, product or old wives tale has in the past. It is a two layer preperation and the first layer has tiny filaments which mesh over the nail preventing the everyday damage. Then you put on a top coat to smooth the mesh covering.

I’ve read some online reviews and only one was negative – not that I really believe online reviewers (how ironic). If I wan’t tips I tend to trust Curious Emily (check out her blog, it’s good).

Anyway I hope it works for you if you use this as a recommendation. You can get it at Boots, Amazon, Beales, online and loads of Dept stores and it costs about £8. Good luck. Please let me know how you get on. If I’m the only one it works for I might have to review my review, but I’m really hopeful this time.

I’ve ‘sat on’ this post for a few days and one nail has broken, but isn’t really short. Pretty good I’d say.

Photo taken from the Mavala website, I don’t think they’ll mind. (It’s the first one.)

Care solution

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4 Responses to Thin, weak, fragile nails? Beauty recommendation coming up.

  1. terry1954 says:

    yeah! i am happy for you!!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Not shallow at all. I’ve had the same issue with my nails, although I was a terrible biter and they never grew. If you see on one of my posts, I now have Nails!!! too. yay. Not sure how it happend. I do like the look of the product and might try and hunt some out as I have two nails (both the ring fingers) that seem to get to a certain length and then break.

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