Making puffy boxes

Hi Everyone

I’ve been a bit lazy busy this week and haven’t had much opportunity to post what I’ve been up to, so sorry if you’ve missed me (though I suspect you haven’t, everyone’s got busy lives). To be truthful I haven’t had very much to post about, but I’ve done a little bit and have finally started taking pictures.

Commented on a post by Jennefer, Mother, beader, coffee lover, at the beginning of the month and mentioned that I would be making a puffy box to put my sister’s birthday present in, (the black and white rose necklace). I never thought to take a photo so I’ve made a few more as (by accident) I found that using wallpaper – the only thing I had to hand from my sick bed – makes a reasonable box. Better still it was free because I had samples from our local DIY store from my recent redecoration. Here are some more I made with leftover samples.

I won’t post the template as they are two a penny on the internet, but I would suggest that if you are using wallpaper, use really good quality because the thinner stuff is too flimsy.

They are not strong enough to go through the post but make a nice little gift wrap.

Mez fantastic origami boxes from card but my attempts never match up. Puffy boxes are really easy though.

Inspired by tindink, I’ve been making some necklaces recently, check out her etsy shop, she makes wonderful stuff. Reluctant to post mine as they are not quite as good as hers (or nearly) and I’ve totally copied the design. I’m going with the theory that this is the sincerest form of flattery, but I really can’t post them and claim credit. Therefore there will be a small delay while I get on with something of my own design.

Hope to catch up with you all soon.


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13 Responses to Making puffy boxes

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the link, and comments 🙂 Your boxes look great. I haven’t got round to making more, after my first one failed. I will get there soon though. As for putting them on etsy, it’s the paper you are using, and therefore selling, not the design as anyone can get hold of the pattern like you said. If you market them as using only certain types of paper or styles of pattern, that’s what will work. I’m not selling mine like that as I made them purely for my business.

    • e1aine says:

      That’s true. I don’t think mine are up to selling standard, but I’d like to make some stronger ones to send through the post as packaging for my jewellery as I do send presents by mail. They look nice with a ribbon and a heart punched out of glitter paper. (I’m getting all ‘arty’ now!)

  2. mhhadfield says:

    I love the black and black felt one! looks swazzylicious!

  3. tindink says:

    These are super e1aine, they’re lovely for presenting a piece of jewellery! 🙂

  4. Sartenada says:

    All of them are so nice, but my favorite is that one on the left.

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