Please help my daughter get a degree – University has cost me a fortune!

Hi Everyone

I hope the title caught your attention and you can spare a really tiny bit of time to fill in this survey for the lovely Bryony. Hopefully if she gets enough responses she will get that degree, earn a lot of money and make the cost of three fun and alcohol filled years at university well worth while. It was through Bryony’s university course blog that I found my interest (my husband calls it ‘obsession’) with blogging.

Her survey can be found at

It is really short and about your feelings for community radio. I’d be really grateful. Bryony’s blog can be found at 

I’ve been working hard on my jewellery and am nearly ready to show you what I’ve been up to this week.

Hope to catch up with you soon.


PS. Update: I think someone has hacked Bryony’s wordpress site, I’m getting some ‘interesting’ images in her preview pane, but I think the link will give the correct view.  I certainly hope so, wouldn’t want to cause offense. If you have any problems, please leave her, or myself a comment so that we can track down the rogue images.

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7 Responses to Please help my daughter get a degree – University has cost me a fortune!

  1. mhhadfield says:

    Its due in tommorow, GO BRYONY!!! You can do it!, Squidgey thor believes in you!

  2. Bryony Mountfort says:

    No, NOW it’s due in tomorrrow haha. I thought we only had to get 30 responses but then Taya told me it was 50, so a bit of a mad rush and spamming people! I just need 8 more now but I can get away with that now, thanks Mum! 😀 x

    • Bryony Mountfort says:

      Also, what images are these? My page looks fine to me and I haven’t uploaded anything dodgy :S

      • E1aine says:

        I don’t think it is anything you’ve done and only appears in a certain preview pane, but you should see! Ooh Er Missus!

  3. catbird365 says:

    That was a quick & easy survey 🙂

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