Thank you for the flowers

We received some lovely flowers for our wedding anniversary from

Thank you all. Here they are for Bryony, who won’t get to see them until the are all wilty. Shame.

We’ve been married 27 years now (obviously I was a child bride!)

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10 Responses to Thank you for the flowers

  1. Gorgeous! Congratulations.

  2. terry1954 says:

    beautiful flowers, congrats on your anniversary! is that a piano i see in the background? if so it is a beautiful wood. i love playing the piano

    • e1aine says:

      Yes it is. My husband is quite good, his parents bought it for him as a child, but he is a perfectionist and if he can’t be the best he doesn’t want to know. The children and I are all quite keen but extremely lacking in talent so it just sits there, never getting used which is very sad.

      • terry1954 says:

        i wish i had one but can not afford it. when i was a teen i took lessons for many years. my parents bought me a piano for Christmas. a few years went by and our house had a fire and i lost my piano. i could always put my feelings into music. i loved it

      • e1aine says:

        That’s really sad. I wish Jon would play sometimes but he never will.

      • terry1954 says:

        maybe if you start playing or take some lessons he would take more interest?

      • e1aine says:

        Actually I tried that, more because I wanted to be able to play, but it made no difference. Even when I asked him to help me (which he did, but he’s very impatient) it never made him want to play for pleasure. I find that very sad, but he is just not interested. However, when I suggested we get rid of the piano recently – it has always been me that wanted to keep it – he said that he did still want it so there is hope!

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