The living room is coming along

The living room is getting better. It still has a long way to go, but I’ve reached a financial ‘barrier’. Next month I will continue. Until then here is an update.

Before (small image as it is embarrasing). Photoshoped – badly – as I forgot to take it before the decorating started.





The mirror and the light need changing desperately and both are agreed by Hubby, but now he is backtracking on replacing the light. I’m going to have a bloody fantastic mirror if he changes his mind. Still need a rug desperately, but can’t find just the right thing.

 Thanks to for the advice and encouragement. I shall be checking out the rugs in your pictures tonight.

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6 Responses to The living room is coming along

  1. tindink says:

    Bright and cosy! 🙂

  2. I love the blue, of course, it’s my fav color! (if you ever saw my blog you’d see I’ve blued myself to death) lol

    I agree about the light fixture and the mirror. A chandelier and a curvy mirror would be just perfect!

  3. Love!! I understand the financial barrier – I want to do a series of ways to achieve some very cost effective design dilemmas…like in the US$50 range 🙂

    • e1aine says:

      Brilliant. If you could do a blog on how to get Hubby to accept change that would be useful too, though I think that may be beyond your remit. I’m going to do something drastic one day!

      The living room is so much more comfortable now that we’ve put the sofas facing each other. Thanks for that suggestion particularly.

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