Dogs and birds and flowers

The lovely flowers, my lovely children bought me are looking a bit worse for wear now. I thought it was the effects of time but just discovered whats been eating the yellow ones, look closely!

Yes, Caroline the budgie has been chomping happily on these for a fortnight, I was the only one who hadn’t noticed.

You can tell that the girls are home by the amount of junk on the table!

Who’s a pretty boy then.

By the way, talking of the dumbest dog in the world…

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8 Responses to Dogs and birds and flowers

  1. megtraveling says:

    Your pictures are so cute! I especially like your birdie munching on the yellow flowers. It looks like everyone is having fun 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    what dog sleeps like that?? Cute birdie 🙂

  3. mhhadfield says:

    The only thing on the table is the wii! 😀

  4. Our cat just eats grass, but at least it keeps the garden trimmed! 🙂 Clever, clever birdie.

    • e1aine says:

      Unfortunately I’ve found a hole in the new wallpaper where Caroline has been pecking. Might not be a free-range birdie for much longer at this rate.

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