Mrs Sparklys Ten Comandments Award

Thank you for the nomination for Mrs Sparklys Ten Comandments Award.

The rules for this award are that you must answer the following ten questions and nominate ten blogs that you think deserve the award.  So here are the 10 questions…

1. Describe yourself in seven words… Happy, Grumpy, Dopey at times, not Bashful.

2. What keeps you up at night?  Stupid library worries. Pathetic.

3. Whom would you like to be?  I’m going to pinch forhisgloryand praise’ own idea here, as I am happy as me.

‘Well, the Bible says that God made me quite unique (I’m fearfully and wonderfully made by him.)  So I wouldn’t want to be anyone but who God made me to be…however I would like to be more like Jesus.’

4. What are you wearing now?  Work clothes. Only just got home.

5. What scares you?  Fireworks. Someone threw one at me when I was a child.

6. What are the best and worst things about blogging?  Best is ‘meeting’ people, worst is when I worry that they think I’m ignoring them as I haven’t had time to log on.

7. What was the last website you looked at?  Jewellery Shed. I’m addicted to buying beads

8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  To be a more organised, neat person.

9. Slankets, yes or no?   Slankets?  What’s a slanket?

10. Tell us something about the person who nominated you. I was nomiated by forhisgloryandpraise whose blog I enjoy as she has a very passionate faith, whilst remaining unjudgemental of others. I believe that this takes a huge amount of heart. I also love her support of her daughter JK. That is what makes the world go round.

My nominations are mostly repeats of others.

I’d like to nominate right back, I don’t know if that is allowed, so I’m going to do it anyway. So funny. Even though I know she has already had this award. Who has become a real live, real world friend. Features lovely ‘stuff’ Funny, but so often true! helping me think things through when I faced redundancy.

I’m sorry I’m a few short, but I want do a blog and don’t want to repeat myself, so there may be a reason if you are not listed! Apologies.

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13 Responses to Mrs Sparklys Ten Comandments Award

  1. terry1954 says:

    thank you so much for this special award!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I too am interested in what a slanket is??

  3. D says:

    Hi Elaine! thanks for mentioning my blog. much appreciated!

  4. A real live friend indeed! And you count as our first one so far here in England so I should probably do a special blog entry just on that, or at least on our first trip out to the pub with your crew. So much fun, thank you again!

    • e1aine says:

      No problem, I enjoyed it. I think an after work drink is an excellent idea, but I’d better not get too into the habit!

      Sorry I was so rushed today, new staff finally starting, Monday! No lead in, I’m next in on Monday myself!

  5. computers says:

    This is a topic which is close to my heart..
    . Take care! Exactly where are your contact details though?

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