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I’d like to share a few of my favourite crafting, mostly jewellery making, blogs with you, (usually this is done upon the receipt of an award). I thought if you don’t know each other you might like each other’s blogs.

Just so I have something to illustrate this post, here is my latest creation, a pink heart encased in epoxy resin with a glitter background. A real girly one! The miracle beads do match, but are catching the light magnificently here.

I’d like to add in a picture of my favourite ‘piece’ by each person, but I think I ought to wait for permission, so if you are listed here, and don’t mind my nicking one of your photos, please let me know and I’ll edit my favourite piece in. Here goes.

http://tindink.com/ – a good start as I have two favourites.

Presents for the girlies   (and me!) Nightshade crown

Thanks to Tindink for the photos. Tindink does beautiful necklace and tiaras. Now I just need a posh do to wear one to.


Ladybird and button necklace by Pearly Queen. I really like both of these, couldn’t choose. Thanks Pearly Queen, that ladybird is so cute – when can we see the front?

Update. The front is featured in Pearly Queens gallery. Check it out.

http://spookymrsgreen.wordpress.com/ Also an author!

Thank you Spooky for the permission and gorgeous blue heart necklace.



Blue necklace by Jen, also thanks to Jen for the photo. Such lovely colours and I love the porcelain(?) beads.


Photo and bracelet by Whispering Iris. Thanks. So pretty.


kathy o inspirations handmade jewelry

Thank you Kathy. This a recent piece which pipped my previous favourite to the post. Lovely blues and pearls in dangles.

http://jeninblackbrandnewname.wordpress.com/ Awaiting permission.


Thank you Mhhadfield. Your chainmail is my favourite piece.


How to make a beaded bracelet? / ¿Cómo hacer una pulsera de abalorio? / Comment faire un bracelet en perles?

Thank you to sartenada for the permission and the help finding the right photo. The red one is my particular favourite but they are all so lovely. I’m still hoping for a tutorial but life is busy.

http://wiredcharms.wordpress.com/ Awaiting permission


Thank you for permission beaudangles. This is my favourite piece, green sea foam necklace, so intricate. Stunning.


Bubble wands by Catbird and thanks to Catbird for the photo. I’ve never seen beaded bubble wands and they are so cute.

http://momentsoul.wordpress.com/2012/05/25/81/#comment-14 (added in as an update, sorry for forgetting this lovely bracelet).

Little flower in the prairie bracelet by MomentSoul, so delicate and pretty. Thanks to MomentSoul for sharing this.


Thanks to Becky for allowing me to use her photo of her lovely ‘Rainclouds’ necklace.

If you see this post before I ask permission, please leave me a comment allowing me to pinch your pic as I won’t have time to contact you all tonight. Thanks. I’ll repost when I have more pictures.

Apologies if I’ve missed you off, there are some truely awesome jewellery making blogs out there.

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33 Responses to Other people’s blogs

  1. Feel free to pinch away – what a lovely idea!

  2. catbird365 says:

    I like this idea! Reprint all you want from my place. I’m honored.

  3. tindink says:

    I’m delighted to be included amongst your picks of some of the jewellery blogs you follow…feel free to use any of my pics! Thank you E! 🙂

  4. I noticed my blog site mentioned. Thank you so much! You made my day!

  5. terry1954 says:

    i always love looking at your jewelry

  6. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the inclusion.. it’s now time to check out some of the other wonderful people you have mentioned. Happy days 🙂

  7. Sartenada says:

    Thank You showing so many beautiful bead works!

  8. Thanks and by all means, pinch whichever photos you like! I appreciate your support and must check out everyone else as well…

  9. Wow, you are all amazing! I am feeling so inspired by your work, but now I have a dilemma. I am in the middle of writing my third novel, my Muse is being a slavedriver, and I have a lively 17-month old daughter to entertain. Now all I want to do is make jewellery! Perhaps I can forgo sleep for a while….

  10. Pinch away! What a great idea to share other jewelry artists on your blog…I’m inspired to do the same! Thank you thank you thank you!

  11. Sally says:

    e1aine, this is a neat idea to compile some of your faves. (Thanks so much for including me — it’s a real honour.) Looking forward to visiting these other artists. And nice to see some of your work too — what a cute little heart.

  12. Becky says:

    Very lovely of you to want to show some of my work – you’re very welcome to, thanks!

  13. This was a great idea, thanks for sharing! By the way, the other side of the ladybird necklace is featured in the Gallery 🙂

  14. e1aine says:

    Reblogged this on e1aine and commented:

    I’ve had lots of responses to my ‘Other people’s blogs’ post and now it is complete with all my favourites editted in. Thank you to all the generous jewellery designers out there who allowed their work, photos and crafts to be included in my post. Please check them out – there is some fantastic work out there,

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