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Quick update

Sorry, nothing to report on the creative front. I’ve not been in my shed for ages and I miss it, but Mum’s recovery is coming on at a pace and it is all looking good. I expected to be sleeping … Continue reading

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Just checking my halo is on straight

In case anybody wondered (mostly because I’ve been very lax at reading everyone else’s posts recently) I haven’t lost interest in blogging, but life’s got in the way a bit. My Mum has been in to hospital for a knee … Continue reading

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Fifty shades of grey, brown and yellow

It’s book sale time again and looking at the preparations for our next big library book sale I see quite a lot of dog eared copies of Twilight. About five years ago it was the ‘must read’ sensation and it … Continue reading

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Catchin’ the rays

Or ‘This family drive me up the bloomin’ wall!’

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Pretty lights, but what is it?

I found some pictures on the camera we share as a family. Well, technically it is Jon’s camera, but I don’t have one so… Anyway. I found some pictures and couldn’t work out what it was. Can you tell? I’ll … Continue reading

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Originally posted on e1aine:
I’d like to share a few of my favourite crafting, mostly jewellery making, blogs with you, (usually this is done upon the receipt of an award). I thought if you don’t know each other you might like each…

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Rich brown and silver necklace

I made this for my friend’s birthday yesterday. Thank you to my usual model, the lovely Bryony for being reluctantly photographed once again. I’m not keen on browns or autumnal shades – despite it being my favourite season, but I … Continue reading

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I planted these a few years ago and they didn’t do much. What a fantastic suprise when this year they came out like this…!

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