I’ve had lots of responses to my ‘Other people’s blogs’ post and now it is complete with all my favourites editted in. Thank you to all the generous jewellery designers out there who allowed their work, photos and crafts to be included in my post. Please check them out – there is some fantastic work out there,


I’d like to share a few of my favourite crafting, mostly jewellery making, blogs with you, (usually this is done upon the receipt of an award). I thought if you don’t know each other you might like each other’s blogs.

Just so I have something to illustrate this post, here is my latest creation, a pink heart encased in epoxy resin with a glitter background. A real girly one! The miracle beads do match, but are catching the light magnificently here.

I’d like to add in a picture of my favourite ‘piece’ by each person, but I think I ought to wait for permission, so if you are listed here, and don’t mind my nicking one of your photos, please let me know and I’ll edit my favourite piece in. Here goes.

http://tindink.com/ – a good start as I have two favourites.

Presents for the girlies   (and me!) Nightshade crown

Thanks to Tindink for the photos. Tindink does beautiful necklace…

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