Pretty lights, but what is it?

I found some pictures on the camera we share as a family. Well, technically it is Jon’s camera, but I don’t have one so… Anyway. I found some pictures and couldn’t work out what it was. Can you tell? I’ll post the answer at the end, so no peeping (unless of course it is really obvious and I’m the only one who couldn’t see it).

Here comes the answer.

And finally…

Sunlight hitting a glass vase. So pretty!

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9 Responses to Pretty lights, but what is it?

  1. mhhadfield says:

    Its the lights from the iridescent paint on the little vase, from the light coming through the back door it creates a prism-like effect 🙂 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    first pic – def a wooden something, 2nd picture i figured a glass of some sort…. so nearly got it. 🙂 Great picture.

  3. terry1954 says:

    i couldn’t guess, i knew it was reflections but of what…….til u showed me. good photo shot!

  4. I thought it was the reflection of a glitter ball and lights in a pub/nightclub through a glass tumbler, can you tell where my mind resides most of the time?! Beautiful photos though, well captured!

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