Just checking my halo is on straight

In case anybody wondered (mostly because I’ve been very lax at reading everyone else’s posts recently) I haven’t lost interest in blogging, but life’s got in the way a bit.

My Mum has been in to hospital for a knee operation, a fairly major one, particularly for someone in her 80’s. Therefore I’m spending quite a lot of time with her (with no internet access) and staying overnight a fair bit. No need for concern, she is doing really, really well.

My reading pane no longer works, probably because it needs some kind of update, but as I mostly use my husbands computer I’m not ‘allowed’ to install random stuff. In all fairness he does use it for work so this is wise. Apologies if I am missing your posts, I promise I do love reading them and will be back ‘on track’ soon.

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2 Responses to Just checking my halo is on straight

  1. terry1954 says:

    take your time, your mother needs you!!!!

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