Wow, I’m a ‘Sheer Blonde’

Could also be called ‘Brown’!

Thought I’d share my latest adventure in hair dye with you.

Hair dye

It’s true that the colour is called Dark Golden blonde from the Sheer Blonde range but honestly the photo makes it look much lighter than it actually is. Just for comparison, here’s one of me before – sorry it’s so rubbish, I had to try to find one from a recent holiday. I’d bleached it almost to death as I really prefer being a blonde as my complexion is ageing a bit now. This colour will mean I don’t have to worry about my roots anyway, it’s about back to my natural shade.

Hair before

As you can tell, my profile picture is very flattering, so I’m sticking to it.

As a matter of interest, inspired by Terry’s recent trip to the salon I’ve also been out and had my eyelashes ‘improved’ and my nails done. My husband is in a state of shock! (At the cost I think, hence home hair job).

Anyhow, I needed a change so I think I’ll stay brown for a little while.

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7 Responses to Wow, I’m a ‘Sheer Blonde’

  1. terry1954 says:

    I had to laugh a little when you spoke of the true shades. I am a natural blonde, ya i know, everyone wants to be a blonde, but i get tired of being a pale girl, hehe, so i color it at times, especially in the winter, with no tan left. i sometimes get different shades of brown, because i go by the box!!!! it all comes out in the end though!!!

  2. Its a great colour on you! Its nice to change it round once in a while.

    • e1aine says:

      To be honest it was done out of neccessity, I simply must lay off the bleach for a while. I washed it this morning and it has faded already and gone a tawny red brown shade which is nicer.

  3. What I’m working on is my ‘grey hair plan’ 😉

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