Holding post

Mhhadfield has challenged me to monthly competitions – last month being the first, which she won (no hard feelings but I see a grudge match coming on!). Anyway, the beads for the March challenge have been posted but on the last day of Feb I suspected she wasn’t ready. It turned out that she hadn’t completed anything, so we agreed to extend the date. She has been quite busy recently.

Anyway it is now 19 March so I thought I ought to put up a ‘holding post’, like a holding email when you are going to contact someone with the answer, as soon as you know it.

The competition entries will be posted, when Mhhadfield has made hers!

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8 Responses to Holding post

  1. Waiting with bated breath….

  2. Is this some tactic of hers?

  3. I did wonder whether you we’re having a rematch 🙂

    • e1aine says:

      I’ve made my pieces (ages ago), I shall declare myself the winner – by default – soon on the grounds that I have made something.

      In Mhhadfield’s defence she says she has started all five pieces, just not finished any!

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