Liquorice Allsorts

I haven’t been busy in the creative department recently. I’ve think I’ve lost my way a bit (or ‘mojo’, whatever that means?). However, I bought these beads years and years ago and had a very definite idea of how they should be linked (liquorice strings), but just couldn’t find the exact thing. This week I found it at Riverside Beads in Market Deeping (UK) and here it is.


Not the best photo ever but hey ho.

Quite a few people have commented on it and several have asked for one. If only I knew where I bought the beads. I can make them something similar though.

I hope you like it.

PS. Mhhadfield STILL hasn’t finished her February bead challenge. At the end of the month I’m going to post my work and pronounce myself the winner!

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11 Responses to Liquorice Allsorts

  1. I thought we were missing a challenge! Love the necklace, looks yummy!

    • e1aine says:

      A small child wanted to eat it yesterday. Her mother had to explain! 🙂

      Problem with the challenge is I’ve had my bits made for months and they’ve just been lying around the bathroom. The silver is beginning to tarnish and they aren’t going to look good by the time Mhhadfield pulls her finger out. If I’d realised I’d have bagged them or kept them properly at least. Oh well, that’ll be my excuse if she wins again! 😉

  2. megtraveling says:

    What a great necklace – it looks really versatile!

  3. Delicious looking necklace! I have seen those beads before, I think you can get them from a couple of online shops like Beads Direct or somewhere similar…

  4. craftybunch says:

    It’s a fun necklace, we made liquorice allsort beads last year out of Fimo, they turned out really good, if you can’t find them you could make them:)

  5. beadlove says:

    What a great necklace! I always joke that I keep buying beads that look like candy. In this case, that would be true.

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