A few days ago I was excited to see that my apple tree was showing signs of having some blossom, it is about a month later than usual, so I was thrilled yesterday when I saw just how much it has come along. Another bumper crop this year I think.


Isn’t it beautiful!


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11 Responses to Blossom

  1. mooboos says:

    I’m really looking forward to Summer 🙂

  2. philip469 says:

    beautiful pictures

  3. Terry says:

    it sure is, this is the best part about Spring, the new growth and hope

  4. Beautiful! I love apple blossoms.

  5. Wow, that tree is immense and so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. lubkin2013 says:

    Apple blossom reminds me of my childhood when I lived on a diet of hope!

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