The Rematch

Mhhadfield has challenged me to a rematch.

We’ve bought a bunch of flowery beads for summer, some gorgeous green glass crystals, goldstone hearts and cute coloured faceted glass beads and we’re almost ready to post. Unfortunately we forgot to photograph the beads before starting (that’s enthusiasum for you).

Please watch out for our next contest, coming soon.

P.S. KnitRunForSanity has a contest running too and I’ve finished my piece! I’ll post it on here after the contest (and when Mhhadfield has done me a photo!)  If you haven’t already looked, check it out. Sadly Mhhadfield has had to sit out of this one (this time)

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5 Responses to The Rematch

  1. Aha – I missed the first one, really looking forward to the rematch!

    • e1aine says:

      For some reason this comment was hiding in my spam folder. Apologies, I didn’t ignore you on purpose. We are really enjoying the challenges and have great fun getting quite childish about the whole thing. Eg. ‘Was that bead pre-approved?’

      • No worries, and now I have cast my vote 🙂
        It’s a fabulous idea, and the limitations are great for really firing up the creative process!

      • e1aine says:

        You are so right. Everytime I get a new set of beads I think I can’t do a thing with them, but I really enjoy making something out of my comfort zone.

        Thanks for voting.

  2. Your new beads sound yummy. You are ahead of me on the contest. I can’t wait to see what you have done. Thanks also for the plugs. It is greatly appreciated. X

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