Playing with resin

I’ve been experimenting with resin for the last six months or so. I’ve produced the occasional bit that is ok but last week I started in earnest trying to make something wearable. I have a couple of things setting which I am very happy with, but this is my first finished peice. I hope you like it.

purple resin4I toyed with the idea of a contrasting wire but decided that it was only there to showcase the resin. Maybe the wirework will take centre stage next time. I think this kind of design looks great with a really stand out wire such as copper.


Purple resin

I will attempt to be less lazy and post more often. I made a whole load of items for a display and completely forgot to photograph them to show you before they went off. Kicking myself!

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8 Responses to Playing with resin

  1. It is really pretty. There are a load of colours that can be picked up in this. Make sure your lesson is learnt regarding the photos…;)

  2. Terry says:

    You are so creative!!

  3. Love the sparkles and your wirework!

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