Resin obsession

Still going strong with the resin theme. Banned from hubby’s computer again so bear with me everyone.


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4 Responses to Resin obsession

  1. Debb Stanton says:

    Love it! I like how it shines! However, I don’t like the fact that you were banned from hubby’s computer. I think if that happens at my house, I will have a royal conniption! 🙂

    • e1aine says:

      I have been making a fuss, but i did crash it (again!) He bought me a laptop but i just dont get on with it. Or the other one he bought me. Or the new one Mhhadfield bought me.

      I just like his work one for wordpress.

  2. Aw, now that’s pretty! Like Deb, I like the twinklies and the shine. Nice job.

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