Polymer clay earrings

Well, I’m still into the clay – and I admit I still have a long way to go, but I guess you can follow my learning curve! I realise that my efforts are not yet great.

I tried making a pair of earrings.

Blue and white earringsI found making them match more of a challenge than I expected so I’ll need to work on that.

I asked hubby what he thought. He screwed up his nose and thought for ages (this means he doesn’t like them).  ‘They look like something you’d find at the bottom of your Mum’s jewellery drawer’ he said. I know he was trying to be kind and not say anything too rash.

As I was going for an old fashioned look I’m quite happy. I think I am happy enough to actually wear them!

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20 Responses to Polymer clay earrings

  1. E1aine, you shouldn’t sell yourself short, young lady!!! Those earrings are incredible! They look very much in the style of black and white polymer Cameo earrings. (Google it, and it will show you some photos). I honestly think you need to open an Etsy shop. You’re far better than you give yourself credit for. Honestly, truthfully, pinkie finger promise.~ Cobs. x

    • e1aine says:

      Oh that’s so nice!

      I take too much stock in what Hubby thinks, I don’t know why, he’s no style icon!

      • Men don’t generally ‘get’ crafting. Obviously not all men. There are some really great male crafters out there – and some of them blog on WordPress (I know, I’m following some of them), but talking ‘in general’ – men just don’t ‘get’ crafting. Sadly they can’t see how clever someone has been, nor see how much work has been put into making that ‘thing’.

        But, bless their hearts, they have their other uses. … actually ….. can someone remind me what those are? I keep forgetting. ;D lol ~ Cobs. x

      • e1aine says:

        You are right, my friend’s makes amazing 3d embroidery and her new boyfriend (now husband) said that he could see that it was quite nice, but what’s the point!

        Mine made me dinner and bought me a cocktail tonight so perhaps I should appreciate what he does and I’ll come to you for crafting advice. You have to tell me honestly though.

      • I promise (makes a cross on her heart) to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but … M’lud. 😀

      • e1aine says:

        Don’t worry, I have some Andrex!

        Actually, I’m pretty thick skinned – I do live with His Lordship.

  2. kzkboutique says:

    Reblogged this on Fashion & Accessories and commented:
    Love them just the way they are! Perfect♡

  3. kittencrafts says:

    They are lovely! What do hubbies know about beautiful earrings anyway? 😉

  4. Jennifer says:

    My hubby is the same, as I suspect most are. They also don’t get the blog thing. But the earrings. Beautiful and definitly have a cameo look about them, keep up the good work, and the slight differences make them even more special.

  5. beadlove says:

    I think these earrings are quite nice! I love their pretty, delicate look.

  6. Amazing! These would make beautiful pendants too!

  7. Tracy Rhynas says:

    I actually really like these earrings, your husband cannot be relied upon for jewellery critiques I am afraid!! And you really should give yourself more credit! I also agree a matching pendant would be very nice too.

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