Bucket List prequel – Jon’s off his trolleybus

My friend has written a bucket list and I have decided to ‘help’ her achieve her goals, mainly because lots of them look like great fun.

My husband, who doesn’t really understand the attraction of bucket lists only wanted to do one thing (such imagination) so we’ve done his first (giving my friend her first tick – help someone else achieve their bucket list!) Hence, we spent the weekend in Holland so that Jon could ride on a trolleybus. Well, lots of them actually.

My friends (who will be named later if they are happy) booked the most incredible hotel/campsite in Arnhem. Each room is a tiny, very old fashioned caravan decorated with mosaic The paths were mosaic, the walls were mosaic and the outide loo was also mosaic. It was a hippy paradise and really cool. I can’t believe I’m saying I enjoyed staying somewhere with a toilet block.


ImageAh yes, I was a redhead last week – back to blonde now, I hear they have more fun.

ImageYup, that’s a trolleybus.


Riding on trolleybuses is suprisingly good fun

ImageCan’t explain this but had to take a photo!


Made a new friend, isn’t he cute


They have lots of fountains, some with pugs playing in


I discovered a new drink, the bubbles burst in your mouth. (No one else liked it.)

ImageArhnem’s a great place to visit and we all had a fantastic time. Thanks to the organisers, another memorable trip – for all the right reasons.




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3 Responses to Bucket List prequel – Jon’s off his trolleybus

  1. Love the look of the caravans….

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