Bryony’s birthday

Back from Barcelona (Photos to come) and it is at last the day of Bryony’s birthday. I know I decided against giving the first pendant I made due to Bryony not really liking clay jewellery but ironically I still ended up making a pendant out of clay for her. This time it was met with approval though from family members. They thought the last one was not Bryony’s thing and I have to admit that they were probably right. (I’ll post it for you to look at anyway soon)

Here is the pug pendant I made her, It is smaller than it looks, about the size of a 5p I imagine. The box is small earring size.



Thank to Gayle Utter for the tutorial;

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7 Responses to Bryony’s birthday

  1. Terry says:

    There is no other word to use for this except CUTE!!!! love it!

  2. I couldn’t have made that big let alone as tiny as you have.

    • e1aine says:

      I really enjoyed making it, but Bryony only wears small stuff so it is always a challenge making things for her. My usual style is big and bold so it is good to try something different.

  3. kittencrafts says:

    OMG this is adorable! Love it!

  4. So well done! I love it.

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