storm in a teacup


Blue Star drop earrings 018Blue Star drop earrings 011

Yes Mhhadfield. You can have it. (Now I’ll look dumb if she doesn’t want it!)


Made for Mhhadfield last night and super quickly uploaded before my hairdresser’s visit, ready for my niece’s wedding tomorrow. So excited.


Speak soon everyone.

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4 Responses to storm in a teacup

  1. Terry says:

    how much do you sell your pieces for

    • e1aine says:

      Hi Terry. I’m starting an etsy shop, but it is still in the early stages. Pricing is tricky, I’m going to have to cover shipping and I’m not sure how much this will be. Was there something particular you liked or was it a general question? Don’t worry, you are not committing yourself, I’m interested in what is popular and might sell! Check out my initial attempt at a shop at etsy. Type in poolofgems. I shall do a post about it when it is ready – still a work in progress. I’ll charge about 8 to 20 pounds I think. I’d be interested in your opinion.

      • Terry says:

        I have seen different items you make I like. Purple is one of my favorites. You had a tree of sorts that I enjoyed looking at. I sell my books also and what I do for international is only accept PayPal. Pay Pal allows you to set it open for U.S. charges by the weight. For international there is a set fee you can charge for most shipping. I got tired of being in the negative from shipping charges so I lower my prices and then they have to cover the shipping. Just what I do and for your thoughts only

      • e1aine says:

        Cheers Terry, that is really useful. Thanks.

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