New projects

I’ve been busy recently but sadly can no longer post on Hubby’s computer as WordPress will no longer load. It was only a matter of time I’m afraid. So it will be simple posts that my tablet can cope with.

I’m still into the polymer clay but still don’t always produce the effect I want. Here is one I’m so pleased with.


The next one I really like too but I used a mould for the owl, so it is not really all my own work. This one is a gift.


I hope everyone is healthy and happy. Off on holiday to EuroDisney tomorrow so expect cheesy Micky ears photos soon!

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2 Responses to New projects

  1. beadlove says:

    Beautiful work! I’m amazed at how you can work with such tiny bits – those purple blossoms are gorgeous. I want to try polymer clay soon, and I’m just hoping I don’t burn a big blob of a round bead in the oven!

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