Depths of the sea earrings

Hi Everyone

Sorry I’ve been away so long. I’ve been a little sad recently which has effected my crafting, but now I’m back into it and getting back to normal. I’ve chucked in my job (so I need to update my ‘me’ page and next week I start a new, rather challenging work role. Fingers crossed! I’ve also been struggling with new technology. I found hubby’s computer the easiest to Word Press on, but it has finally stopped loading my stuff as he kept warning me it eventually would, and as yet I haven’t found a good alternative. This laptop is hard work.

I’ve been following a lovely jewellery designer, Susan Dolphin Delaney for some time and I’m struggling to put in a link to this post, but with a little bit of luck, by the time you read this it will be working.

In her last post she mentioned an Earrings Everyday challenge, so I thought it is high time I got my crafting hat back on and so I’ve had a go at the theme, which is essentially the sea. Here is my interpretation, I hope you like it. I’ve had a lovely few days wearing these earrings, they are really comfortable and catch the light so prettily – hard to capture in a photo I’m afraid.

DSCF2019 (2)

I’ll attempt to link to the challenge page, but you know how I am with links! HTTP://WWW.EARRINGS-EVERYDAY.BLOGSPOT.COM

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7 Responses to Depths of the sea earrings

  1. Good luck in your new job. Love the earrings a lot. X

  2. Ditto the comment from knitnrun4sanity! Hope the new job will give you lots of time for crafting and blogging.

  3. I was getting worried about you! Those earrings look beautiful, and good luck in your new job.

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