More earrings

I’m having such a good time making earrings recently. Doing 5 nights working in a row (of ten hour shifts) I’m finding that I can only keep my concentration up for so long during the day and these earrings are perfect little projects. The beaded ones are quick and fun to make whilst the resin ones have so many ‘layers’, each needing to dry or set etc between each stage, I find that I can concentrate for long enough, then have a little snooze before the next step. Anyway, I hope you like them.DSCF2149 DSCF2121 DSCF2130 DSCF2155 DSCF2050 (2) DSCF2089 (2) DSCF2088 (2)

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7 Responses to More earrings

  1. These are really great! How’s Etsy going?

  2. Hey, the green tops look lovely!

  3. crazycrafterparuli says:


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