Blue flower and Autumn Leaves Necklace – inspiration strikes

I’m very happy with how this necklace came out. I loved the pendant when I made it but could not decide how to hang it. It sat for weeks on my window ledge, glittering in the sunlight and taunting me that it could be a bit special with a little imagination. Eventually I went into my shed (studio, but Hubby thinks I’m being pretentious, so shed it is!) to dig myself out some nice amber coloured beads to give it a go and there I found a necklace I made a while ago, but didn’t like.

I did like the beaded necklace part – very much – but n0t the drop bead to finish it. I pulled it out, hung the pendant there instead and hey presto. It looks like it grew there. And I’m so happy I’ve finally given the beads the spotlight they deserve too. I very much like the autumn leaves effect of the glitter layered behind the flower. One for when the weather cools off I think.

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2 Responses to Blue flower and Autumn Leaves Necklace – inspiration strikes

  1. This is so cute! I love the pendent with the blue flower on it 🙂

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