Still making flowers, I’m obsessed!


I like the rose on this one. It fades from white to salmon pink – almost coral pink – and I like the matching little flowers.

I’m not so good at making roses. I’ve tried and tried and more often than not I roll them into a ball and throw the clay back into the box. When one works I am ridiculously happy, especially when I’ve worked hard to get two tones into the lclay. I used the skinner blend method and I love the tecnique..

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6 Responses to Still making flowers, I’m obsessed!

  1. I adore the roses, Elaine. They’re perfection. I think you’ve found your niche, your ‘calling’. These are incredible.
    Sending hugs ~ Cobs.x

    • e1aine says:

      Thanks Cobs. I am a long way off perfection yet but I’ll keep trying.

      • Elaine… I know you have an etsy shop, but can’t find the link to it – it’s probably there and I’m being a dope! lol (perhaps a permanent link over there——-> would be great, (on your side bar) so that we can all click to come and buy your goodies!)

        Do you maybe have photoshop? You could make one which would show your logo, or whatever you feel suits you, along with the name of your etsy shop, all combined in a clickable link! If you can’t make one, I might be able to do one for you, if you’d like but no worries if you don’t want one there.
        Oh … and those roses, and the little cupped flowers, really are perfection. I wouldn’t change a thing. They’re truly beautiful. love ~ Cobs. x

      • e1aine says:

        Thanks for the suggestion Cobs. I’ve been on holiday so the shop has been deactivated but now I’m back it should be there again. I’ll have a go – though I might gratefully take you up on your kind offer!

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