Blue Jay Necklace

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I’m still working with polymer clay but I have been tied up a lot recently with my new job. Theoretically I get a lot of spare time as I work nights and work five nights and have five days off, however in reality my body clock has rebelled and I spend a lot of my free time feeling sick and staying in bed.

Still I thought it was high time I caught up a bit with my blog and so here is a bird necklace I made recently. I really like doing these, so far I’ve made a couple of chaffinches, blue jays and goldfinches, plus a blue tit and a (not too successful) robin. I think I’ll give the robin another try!

I hope you are all keeping well and I’d be delighted to hear from you after my long absence.

Take care.


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7 Responses to Blue Jay Necklace

  1. Terry says:

    Love blue Jays even though they are noisey

  2. Mrs G says:

    I like this a lot! The birds would make lovely brooches too.

  3. Yuck. I admire anyone who does shift work…..I hope that your body adjusts soon. Such lively detail in the bird. X

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