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ThisĀ  is my first attempt at making a tiara. It’s for my niece whose birthday is coming up. It was quicker to make than I expected and was really fun. I’ll probably try for symmetry a bit more with my … Continue reading

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A beautiful frosty morning. So beautiful in fact that I made Hubby drive home to get the camera. The frost was melting fast by the time we got back, but we got some lovely photos, I hope you’ll agree.

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Wow, I’m a ‘Sheer Blonde’

Could also be called ‘Brown’! Thought I’d share my latest adventure in hair dye with you. It’s true that the colour is called Dark Golden blonde from the Sheer Blonde range but honestly the photo makes it look much lighter … Continue reading

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Sorry I’ve not been around much recently, the pressure of tying up my old job and starting the new has taken much of my time, but I have a long weekend to look forward to, where I plan to catch … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me ee Happy Birthday to me Photo River Island And thse are what I got! I wore them tonight down the pub and my friends made me walk to the toilets (which involved … Continue reading

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Pretty lights, but what is it?

I found some pictures on the camera we share as a family. Well, technically it is Jon’s camera, but I don’t have one so… Anyway. I found some pictures and couldn’t work out what it was. Can you tell? I’ll … Continue reading

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I planted these a few years ago and they didn’t do much. What a fantastic suprise when this year they came out like this…!

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The true meaning of a gift

Bryony’s 21st birthday today, this is one of her gifts… I couldn’t actually get a good picture so I settled for two bad ones. And so to the meaning… The horse – because you always wanted one and never got … Continue reading

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Thin, weak, fragile nails? Beauty recommendation coming up.

I have spent my adult life desiring long elegant nails. Sadly mine are thin, weak and brittle, which is odd because I have really strong hair and I thought they would be linked? I’ve tried pretty much every product under … Continue reading

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Beads glorious beads

I’ve been so sick this weekend that I didn’t make a thing. Started feeling bad on Wednesday night and by Thursday night I’d already warned my colleagues that I was unlikely to be in work on Friday. Finally got out … Continue reading

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