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Getting all artistic

I had the day off today and spent it getting all artistic. I made some little books out of clay (for earrings probably) and I did a bit of art. I enjoyed making and painting this. I hope you like … Continue reading

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Happy (late) Valentines Day

I received a suprise valentines pressie through the post this evening. I’m pretty sure I don’t have a secret admirer, my children sent them. Anyway, I wanted to post it but got over exited and started eating before remembering to … Continue reading

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Not another Christmas post

A selecton of my ready wrapped presents ths year. So, I’ve wrapped my presents in ridiculously expensive wrapping paper, please note that they are all tied up with shiny ribbon. This is mainly because nothing, no nothing will stick to … Continue reading

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Sorry I’ve not been around much recently, the pressure of tying up my old job and starting the new has taken much of my time, but I have a long weekend to look forward to, where I plan to catch … Continue reading

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I know it’s a bit early to be thinking of Christmas, but…

I’ve been thinking about Christmas! What would make it perfect? Spend loads on presents? Have lots of family over for dinner? Go down the pub in the morning? Go for a walk in the afternoon? Have home-made everything? Colour match the … Continue reading

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Pretty lights, but what is it?

I found some pictures on the camera we share as a family. Well, technically it is Jon’s camera, but I don’t have one so… Anyway. I found some pictures and couldn’t work out what it was. Can you tell? I’ll … Continue reading

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I planted these a few years ago and they didn’t do much. What a fantastic suprise when this year they came out like this…!

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Dogs and birds and flowers

The lovely flowers, my lovely children bought me are looking a bit worse for wear now. I thought it was the effects of time but just discovered whats been eating the yellow ones, look closely! Yes, Caroline the budgie has … Continue reading

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The living room is coming along

The living room is getting better. It still has a long way to go, but I’ve reached a financial ‘barrier’. Next month I will continue. Until then here is an update. Before (small image as it is embarrasing). Photoshoped – … Continue reading

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Taa Daaah

Hello Everyone, I’ve been on holiday! Did you miss me?… Oh well, never mind. I’ve finally finished the piece I was so stuck on. The overwhelming reponse was that this was crying out for  black velvet, so here it is.   It … Continue reading

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