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The Desiderata

I know that everyone (nearly) knows this piece of writing, or at least bits of it, and you don’t need me to educate you, but it is so wonderful I thought it worth posting, it’s my favourite.   The Desiderata … Continue reading

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My Husband writes poetry and started to post it, but could never get round to posting his new stuff, so I’ve been sticking it on my blog instead. This latest one has caused much debate/conversation/argument, as generally  I disagree. That’s … Continue reading

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Combined The sun that shines on your sweet head adores The moment when it wakes to find you there. Illuminating you’s one of those chores That makes even a planet punch the air. The air that flows into your pretty … Continue reading

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Jon wrote a poem

My talented husband writes. (Furthermore he is published!) Mostly he writes boring technical stuff and that pays the bills, but sometimes he writes books. Books about things he is interested in and just plain silly ones sometimes when he is … Continue reading

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