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Bucket List prequel – Jon’s off his trolleybus

My friend has written a bucket list and I have decided to ‘help’ her achieve her goals, mainly because lots of them look like great fun. My husband, who doesn’t really understand the attraction of bucket lists only wanted to … Continue reading

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Glorious Rome

Here are a few photos of my recent trip. I’ve got loads, but sadly they aren’t very good so I’m going to spread them over a few posts so you don’t notice as much!

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My Husband writes poetry and started to post it, but could never get round to posting his new stuff, so I’ve been sticking it on my blog instead. This latest one has caused much debate/conversation/argument, as generally  I disagree. That’s … Continue reading


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Taa Daaah

Hello Everyone, I’ve been on holiday! Did you miss me?… Oh well, never mind. I’ve finally finished the piece I was so stuck on. The overwhelming reponse was that this was crying out for  black velvet, so here it is.   It … Continue reading

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