Apple blossom time again

So Spring has definitely sprung giving one of my favourite sights – blossom, tons and tons of blossom. Beautiful.

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Sunny day jewellery

Are you all enjoying the sunshine? I am and I’ve had a really fantastic weekend by the coast. Drinking cocktails and playing with super-sized kites on the beach. I’ve also been busy making things and here are a few things I have finished.




I hope you like them!
Elaine ❤

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Still alive!

This is just a quick post to show I’m still with you all. Life is silly busy – along with everyone else – but I still love making the jewellery pieces. 😃 I hope you are all well and happy!

Recently it has been resin all the way but I’m getting back to work polymer clay again.

Here are some recent pics!



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New pieces

I’m having a great time making new stuff still. I am also going to get more serious about taking good photos and have bought myself a light cube. More details to follow, and hopefully better pics!




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Happy New Year

I’ve been busy making lots of new stuff recently and I am looking forward to showing the results. I’m still heavily into the polymer clay and resin so there will be lots of variations on this theme, but I just find these mediums so relaxing to explore.


I’m still wire wrapping too.


I hope you all have a fantastic New Year.

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White dragon


Another piece for mhhadfield. Apparently it is a dungeons and dragons character.

I might make more as this was really fun to make.

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New baby


Huge excitement!

A male quail got in with a female recently and we felt disinclined to eat the following eggs. We have no experience or ‘hatchery’ (if that is what it is called) but we bunged the egg on a heat mat and turned it to give it at least a chance if it was fertile. Google says it is very hard to hatch with all the kit so we expected nothing.

A child is born!

Any advice would be welcome. I hope it survives as the girl is beside herself with joy. 😁

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