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Glorious Devon (and Somerset)

I’ve finally downloaded my Devon photos. It was a wonderful holiday, sadly the pictures taken on my phone make it look really overcast, but it wasn’t – not all the time. Heddon’s Mouth was definitely brighter than it looks, but … Continue reading

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What’s happened to Freshly Pressed?

I’m not only keen on writing about the random rubbish that runs through my head, I like reading other peoples sensible posts too (and some less than sensible ones). Sadly I’ve lost Freshly Pressed and access to all the blogs … Continue reading

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Depression Awareness Week 2

Quotes I liked from the depression awareness week campaign. “In the hopes of reaching the moon, men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet” Albert Schweitzer “The difference between can and cannot are only 3 letters. 3 … Continue reading

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Depression Awareness Week 1

Those negative thoughts get us all on occasion, I felt that the following advice was really useful and decided to pass it on to as many people as possible. Thanks to my local ‘Mind’ centre for putting these top tips … Continue reading

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Happy World Book Night!

I did it! Armed with twenty copies of Pride and Prejudice, I went to the local hospital and stood by the parking machine at visiting time. As I was short of time my husband came with me to help. He … Continue reading

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Hi Everyone I’ve been a bit lazy and haven’t made anything much recently, but I decided that the nieces get loads of chocolate for Easter, so I’d do something different. I made this elasticated bracelet for the smallest niece and … Continue reading

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Barton Springs, Austin

Texas was not a place I’d really thought of visiting, but circumstances took me there and I couldn’t wait to go again. Especially Austin which is brilliant. On my first trip we visited Barton Springs to find it all closed up for … Continue reading

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Taa Daaah

Hello Everyone, I’ve been on holiday! Did you miss me?… Oh well, never mind. I’ve finally finished the piece I was so stuck on. The overwhelming reponse was that this was crying out for  black velvet, so here it is.   It … Continue reading

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Combined The sun that shines on your sweet head adores The moment when it wakes to find you there. Illuminating you’s one of those chores That makes even a planet punch the air. The air that flows into your pretty … Continue reading

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Sqwoogly keyring

  I don’t know what it means either. Ask a student journalist for a description and that’s what you get! Anyway, it was really quick to make and I thought it was cute so I’ve posted my latest ‘make’. Hope you like … Continue reading

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