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Sorry I’ve not been around much recently, the pressure of tying up my old job and starting the new has taken much of my time, but I have a long weekend to look forward to, where I plan to catch … Continue reading

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Fifty shades of grey, brown and yellow

It’s book sale time again and looking at the preparations for our next big library book sale I see quite a lot of dog eared copies of Twilight. About five years ago it was the ‘must read’ sensation and it … Continue reading

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Depression Awareness Week 2

Quotes I liked from the depression awareness week campaign. “In the hopes of reaching the moon, men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet” Albert Schweitzer “The difference between can and cannot are only 3 letters. 3 … Continue reading

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Happy World Book Night!

I did it! Armed with twenty copies of Pride and Prejudice, I went to the local hospital and stood by the parking machine at visiting time. As I was short of time my husband came with me to help. He … Continue reading

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‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’ – World Book Night 2012

Have you come across World Book Night yet? It is fantastic. The first one was last year and I found out through my library work. The announcement was that anyone could come forward to be a ‘book giver’, giving reasons … Continue reading

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Intriguing mystery, worthy of a novel!

Amazing sculptures made from books have been found all over Edinburgh, crafted by a very talented artist who appears to be making a poetic statement to support libraries, the filmhouse and the storytelling centre. The mystery is that these sculptures … Continue reading

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Day off

I finally have a day off and I’ve spent it fighting a migraine. It seems any time I spend at home I suffer with a headache (sadly rarely a hangover). Maybe it is stress, there was an article in the news … Continue reading

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Book drop land

I opened the door to the book drop recently and it was quite full with books returned overnight. I put my hand in the dark space and felt something cold and squidgy. Someone had posted a used condom. Now THAT … Continue reading

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Library Land

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