Happy New Year


I’ve been busy making lots of new stuff recently and I am looking forward to showing the results. I’m still heavily into the polymer clay and resin so there will be lots of variations on this theme, but I just find these mediums so relaxing to explore.


I’m still wire wrapping too.


I hope you all have a fantastic New Year.

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White dragon


Another piece for mhhadfield. Apparently it is a dungeons and dragons character.

I might make more as this was really fun to make.

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New baby


Huge excitement!

A male quail got in with a female recently and we felt disinclined to eat the following eggs. We have no experience or ‘hatchery’ (if that is what it is called) but we bunged the egg on a heat mat and turned it to give it at least a chance if it was fertile. Google says it is very hard to hatch with all the kit so we expected nothing.

A child is born!

Any advice would be welcome. I hope it survives as the girl is beside herself with joy. 😁

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Happy Halloween



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Blue Jay Necklace


Blue jay necklace Bird polymer clay jewellery Countyside art jewellery Countryside handmade polymer clay pendant Pool of gems jewellery UK

I’m still working with polymer clay but I have been tied up a lot recently with my new job. Theoretically I get a lot of spare time as I work nights and work five nights and have five days off, however in reality my body clock has rebelled and I spend a lot of my free time feeling sick and staying in bed.

Still I thought it was high time I caught up a bit with my blog and so here is a bird necklace I made recently. I really like doing these, so far I’ve made a couple of chaffinches, blue jays and goldfinches, plus a blue tit and a (not too successful) robin. I think I’ll give the robin another try!

I hope you are all keeping well and I’d be delighted to hear from you after my long absence.

Take care.


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Still making flowers, I’m obsessed!


I like the rose on this one. It fades from white to salmon pink – almost coral pink – and I like the matching little flowers.

I’m not so good at making roses. I’ve tried and tried and more often than not I roll them into a ball and throw the clay back into the box. When one works I am ridiculously happy, especially when I’ve worked hard to get two tones into the lclay. I used the skinner blend method and I love the tecnique..

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Yellow rose necklace

DSCF2104 (2)

I’m really enjoying making these polymer clay flowers. I’m sill struggling with roses but I am pleased with how this one turned out. Therefore it takes pride of place in this piece.

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