The true meaning of a gift

Bryony’s 21st birthday today, this is one of her gifts…

I couldn’t actually get a good picture so I settled for two bad ones.

And so to the meaning…

The horse – because you always wanted one and never got one (you’re still not getting one, sorry and all that).

The dice – for the time in the pub that you approached a kind gentleman and asked him to play crib with you. He agreed and asked if you play the simple children’s rules. ‘No, I play the proper game’ you reprimanded, ‘with one for his knob, and I play for money!’ Your mother’s embarrassment was complete when you cleaned him out of his small change. Luckily he was amused and is now a great friend. You were four!

The moon and stars – for all the nights you’ve staggered in through the door thinking that loudly shouting ‘SHH’ to all your friends  would mask the fact that you’d got in at stupid o’clock. – Again!

The anchor – because you like nautical themes.

Blue – because it was your first favourite colour.

The coin – born in 1991, a vintage year.

The heart – because I love you. Of course.

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7 Responses to The true meaning of a gift

  1. Oh that is beautiful in every way!

    • e1aine says:

      Thank you. Stupidly I forgot that Bryony gets email updates and I posted it before giving it. She saw the post first! But she really likes it.

  2. terry1954 says:

    that is so pretty, and i like all the symbols you took the time to explain.

  3. So very sweet! I love the meaning behind your gift.

  4. This is great! I love “got in at stupid o’clock again.”

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