Blue Pendants

I’ve made a couple of new necklaces in the last week, plus some earrings I will post soon. I hope you like them.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite piece of jewellery entered into our latest jewellery challenge (previous post). Last day tomorrow so I will be posting the results late Wednesday or early Thursday (going to the seaside Wednesday so might not have a lot of time – yippee).

The challenge can be found at

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18 Responses to Blue Pendants

  1. I like the heart…gorgeous color. And your wire-wrapping is exquisite!

  2. Beautiful. My favourite colour. Your wire work is lovely. Xx

  3. John says:

    Both very beautiful creations. 🙂

  4. bowlerholic says:

    Both necklaces are beautiful!

  5. LondonPixie says:

    I love the one on the left!

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